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I help parents of children with special and extra needs reclaim the joy of parenting no matter what challenges they face.
If your child has a physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning difference,  I can help you with my proven 6-step Path to Possibility!

Joy and peace are possible!


 "Laser Focused" Coaching Session 

One Hour

Address a particular urgent issue and gain tools to make an immediate change.




"Help My Family Now! 

Two hour Call

Explore your most desperate challenges and start right away to calm the chaos in your family.


4 Call Coaching Package

In these 4 fifty minute coaching calls you will start to make changes to get closer to the life and the parenting experience you desire. 


12 Week/10 Call  Coaching Package

In 10 fifty minute calls you can take the time to determine and make the changes necessary to start to experience the transformative change you desire that will impact your families for generations to come!

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I can support you through this!

Whether you are headed toward divorce in the near future, in the midst of a divorce now, resettling after a recent divorce, or still trying to figure things out from a divorce that occurred years ago, I can help you still have the family life of your dreams!

Work With Me Before, During, and  After Ending Your Relationship

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How To Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

2 Hour Call

Plan this important conversation and set the stage for this next chapter in the life of your family.



Set the Stage For Divorce or Separation 

2 Hour Call

Avoid the most common mistakes parents make during divorce that end up causing their family pain for years and generations to come.


4 Call Coaching Package

These 4 fifty minute phone or Zoom video coaching calls allow you to start to make changes to get closer to the life and the parenting experience you desire.


12 Week / 10 Call Coaching Package

These 10 fifty minute phone or Zoom video coaching calls over 12 weeks can help whether you are guiding your children through the overwhelming adjustment period in the early stages of divorce, or leading your family to thrive far into the divorce experience

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