Learn About Mindset and Parent Coaching 

Some people have never heard of a mindset coach or a parent coach and aren't aware of the many benefits of working with me.

If a child has a challenge such as a physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning difference, or the family is facing a challenge such as divorce, the child is often referred for services, but no one realizes that parents need help as well. 

If parents do recognize the need for help, they are often referred to their own therapists or a behavioral specialists, neither is what they really need.

What they need is me!


What is Mindset and Parent Coaching?

 Many successful professionals such as physicians, business owners, athletes, and performers value the benefits gained from working with a coach to help them recognize what they are doing well and what their strengths are, as well as what changes they can make to become more effective in their work.  Parents can benefit from this same process.

Mindset is the lens through which you view the world and it is determined by several factors including your childhood and adult history, life experiences, and genetics. How you view the world can affect how you interpret and experience your life and by changing your mindset you can learn to view the world in a different way. 

Mindset coaching helps you to notice your thoughts, understand why you think the way you do,  and shift your way of thinking.

My coaching process uses a strength-based and positive focused approach that results in positive growth and change over time.

As your coach, I will help you recognize the strengths of each family member, identify the resources available to your family, and explore the aspects of your family life that are going well.

With this information, and your vision of how you want your future family life to be, we then incorporate over 50 topics included in my proven 6 Step Path from Pain to Possibility to help you change your life!

Because each child and parent in the family is an individual, the coaching process takes this into account and recognizes that you may want to try different approaches to see what works best for each member. Because parenting is not ‚Äúone size fits all‚ÄĚ, the coaching process allows for this time and personalized approach.

Unlike therapy and counseling which tend to look at past wounds and focus on emotional healing, parent coaching deals with present day challenges, is strength-based, and focuses on the future. 

Yet, your past is important. When we do look at your past, is it to explore how your mindset was established and how your parenting has been affected by your own experiences as a child and the impact of society and cultural conditioning. Your parenting experience offers the opportunity to learn about yourself and nurture your own "inner child"  so you can become the parent your child needs you to be, key concepts of Conscious Parenting. 

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Coaching isn't only for parents dealing with problems 

Often parents come to me when they are struggling and feeling overwhelmed or fearful. They are facing a family challenge and find themselves awake at night terrified, asking themselves, "Will my children be ok?" and "How am I going to do this?" Sometimes they are struggling with the realization that "I don't know how to parent this child". 

Other parents don't wait until they get to that point.

Many parents work with me when they discover that their child is experiencing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a Learning Disability or Learning Challenge, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) and they realize that they want the support of working with a parent coach to work on ways to best address the needs of every family member.

Some parents work with me  to help when their child has a physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning difference and they realize that their parenting experience will be different than what they had expected, and for some, different from anything they could have ever imagined!

Sometimes parents want to work with me to prepare for a family transition such as divorce or remarriage, welcoming a new child into the family,  preparing for a parent entering or leaving the work force, or facing the illness of a family member. 

Some parents work with me to be proactive about helping their family get ready for a future stage of development or level of independence or responsibility, such as children entering the teen years or leaving for college.

Many parents work with me after divorce to help them face the challenges of single parenting or co-parenting, as well as help them redefine themselves , their family, and their future.

Many parents realize that they want a different parenting experience than the one they are having.

Sometimes it's because they are yelling a lot and want to stop, they feel stressed by their parenting encounters and want to feel more relaxed and confident, or they feel like they are pushing their children away and want a closer relationship with them.

When working with me, parents discover that many aspects of their lives are improved, not just those related to parenting. They find that coaching is such a positive experience of personal growth, that they work with me to explore different aspects of themselves and their family life and work on developing strengths, skills, and parenting concepts in general to develop increased competence and confidence.

 What changes can I expect?

Every family is different and will want to address their own challenges. I work with parents to address routine, everyday issues, as well as more complicated or specialized challenges. As you make changes in your life, you will notice that even small changes will have large effects. Even if you start out to address a specific issue, your whole life improves.  

After coaching you will have:

A more joyful parenting experience and a closer connection with your children

A sense of gratitude and appreciation of the ordinary, the average, and the beauty of everything around you

The ability to stay calm and stop yelling

A better understanding of your children, their developmental levels, and the meaning behind their behavior

A recognition of the strengths of each family member, the resources available to you, what is working for you, and how to utilize these factors in your family life

An understanding of the importance of allowing your children to be the unique individuals they are and your role in nurturing their growth and respecting them for who they are

A knowledge of the principles of “Conscious Parenting” and a recognition of how you have been conditioned by your own childhood experiences and society, and how that affects your every day life and parenting.

The skills and knowledge to develop a healthy relationship with media and screen technology

A new appreciation for the need to take care of yourself

The relief of knowing -YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


Topics Covered During Coaching


Positive Psychology
Conscious Parenting
Neuroscience and the Nervous System
Collaborative and Proactive Solutions 
Love Languages

Child and Adult Development

Understanding Behavior as Communication
Teaching and Guiding without Punishment and Rewards
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Appreciative Inquiry 
And more!


"I need help now. I don’t want to wait 12 weeks"

I can understand that. You already feel at your breaking point- that’s why you’re here. But just as the challenges your family is facing developed over a period of time, it will take time for your changes to be put in place and take effect.

Change takes time.

The good news is, you will notice changes starting in our first coaching call. Your perspective will change and you will start to see things differently. These changes will continue to grow throughout your coaching process.

As hard as it seems to commit to 12 weeks, imagine how long it will take, if ever, to get the changes you want without coaching.

A 2-hour coaching call can address more emergent matters until you are ready for a 12-week program.

"I don't have the time, money, or energy to commit to coaching now"

Some parents are hesitant to invest time, money, or energy in taking care of their own needs or addressing their own challenges. We're so used to spending ‚Äúwhatever it takes‚ÄĚ for our children and skimping on ourselves. This is especially true when our children have ‚Äúextra‚ÄĚ needs with extra costs. But, we all know that unattended needs can be more costly in the end. An investment in your parenting is not only an investment in your family now, it's an investment in your family's future for generations to come!

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