I BELIEVE that tough times don’t have to break us down- they can break us open- open to love, growth, and connection.
I BELIEVE that staying calm and being a calming presence in your child’s life is a gift to you and your family.
I BELIEVE that children need to know that they are ENOUGH and WORTHY OF LOVE- just as they are, right here, right now.
I BELIEVE that how you parent should be based on who your child needs you to be, not who you thought you would be.
I BELIEVE that we are constantly growing and changing, and that is something we should welcome and embrace, rather than fear and resist!

Hi! I’m Dr. Juliet,


I'm a Mindset Coach, retired pediatrician, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, and mother of four young adults.

I love helping parents reclaim the joy of parenting, no matter the challenges they face and the struggles they encounter. I support parents who are facing family challenges such as divorce or parenting a child with a physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, or leaning difference, and I work with them so that they can have a calmer, more conscious, more connected, and more confident parenting experience.

During my busy practice as a pediatrician I saw so many parents struggle when challenges arose. Parents would come to me looking for answers, but in my busy practice, I wasn’t able to help them the way I would have liked. For them, the only options were to tough it out or go see a therapist. Neither was exactly what they needed. When my own children had challenges, I experienced first-hand the lack of professional support and guidance available to assist me in navigating the challenges of parenting in a family with children with special needs.

I felt so alone. 

When I found the information and developed the skills I needed to lead my family to thrive, I decided to explore Mindset and Parent Coaching and became trained as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and as a Mindful Schools Mindful Educator. Now, I work with parents to help them bring about the transformative change they desire in their lives and I’m able to be the coach I wish that I had back then!

What makes me qualified to walk with you on your journey?

I was you. I was sitting right where you are today, wondering what to do next and feeling overwhelmed, parenting as a single parent of four children, several with extra needs. I made it my mission to find the information, read all the books, study with specialists, and make the changes to my life that allowed me to be the kind of parent each of my children needs me to be! I now have a beautiful connection with all my children and have reclaimed the joy of my parenting experience! This never would have been possible if I didn't make changes. My background in Medicine, Parent Coaching, and Mindset Training and my dedication to helping you make changes in your life are what make me a successful Mindset and Parent Coach.

I have received my Parent Coach Certification® from the Parent Coaching Institute/Parent Coach International. I received my Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, (Drexel University College of Medicine-MCP) in Philadelphia, PA, and completed my Residency in Pediatric Medicine at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, also in Philadelphia, PA. I have completed the Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials (K-12 curriculum) training.

Two Ways to Work with Me

For Parents of Children with Special Needs or Extra Needs

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For those Ending a Relationship - Separation or Divorce

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How I support families experiencing divorce

In addition to the private coaching programs and services I provide for parents covering all aspects of the divorce and single parenting experience, I'm excited to be a member several unique communities helping families to navigate the divorce experience.



More about Dr. Juliet

Mission: My mission is to support parents through the challenges of parenting so that they can reclaim the joy of parenting, accept and embrace their children for who they are, build and maintain connection in their family, and lead their family to thrive. The changes a parent makes today will impact their family for generations to come, and I hope to help decrease the amount of suffering in the world one child and one family at a time.

Vision: I dream of a world in which all children can feel secure in knowing that they have someone who is by their side, who accepts and embraces them for who they are, and helps them to discover and nurture their gifts as they are guided and joined on their journey through life.


My core values are: Acceptance, Compassion, Connection, Curiosity, Empathy, Kindness, and Love!


Culture: The culture of Marciano Parent Coaching is a culture of non-judgmental acceptance, (which is even better than family!) and of supporting others with empathy and compassion, committed to promoting growth and transformation. In this community, when we get through a challenge, we reach back and help the one behind us.


Causes: Some of the causes I support and work for: Conscious Parenting, Divorcing families and Single Parents, Childhood Mental Health, LGBTQ rights for individuals and families, Childhood Cancer, NICU families, breastfeeding mothers, Mindfulness, and Common Sense gun laws and gun safety to keep guns out of the hands of children


Ready to get started?


Join me as I walk you through the steps to take to reclaim the joy and life you desire, no matter what challenges you are presented with!